Why God Hates Me

October 14, 2010 at 8:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been told straight to my face that my child would be doomed to hell because he was conceived and born out of wedlock.  I’ve been told that my daughter’s Cystic Fibrosis was a punishment from God because of living a sinful life.  I’ve been told that a man who turned out to be a convicted child molester was safe and good because he was an active deacon in the church.  I’ve been told that by defiling my body with tattoos, I have offended the temple God gave me. 

So does God really hate me?

If you ask people about their god, whatever they may call him or her, they will always portray a superior entity of light and goodness and love. But many will then go on to explain away that idealistic view by telling you how only those who believe what they believe, who act as they act, who live the way they believe life should be lived, only those will be rewarded.

Radical Islamic followers commit unthinkable acts.  Extremist Christians condemn those who love in a way they deem sinful or attack those who choose to seek an abortion.  Terrorism, whether on a grand scale or individualized (bullying just isn’t a strong enough word to convey the damage it does), is just the more active form of judgment.  Silence in the face of even the smallest act of hatred is the same as if you actually agreed with it.

These are not the views of many, maybe even most, believers but unfortunately they often are the most vocal, the most active and the most extreme members of whatever their belief system may be.  And all that hate we condemn coming from people who feel differently than we do is met with more hate – the righteous hate of people who are convinced their views are the only ones that matter.

Many of those who really don’t agree with the extremist views may be afraid to speak out because they are afraid of the responding hatred.  But can you blame them for being angry?  When all you hear is that collective voice over and over: being told that you are wrong, bad, even evil, on a consistant basis, you might become a bit defensive, too.  Yes, the anger sometimes comes out just as judgmental and hateful as the act they are condemning.  Yes, they should be more understanding that YOU aren’t the source of that anger.  Yes, it would be nice if everyone would just accept one another, calmly discuss their differences and be shining examples of the love they say they are beacons of.

But this is the real world.


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  1. Trevor said,

    Christianity is all about love and acceptance. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we can’t accept someone just because they have different views then we aren’t truly living as the bible teaches. A Christian who twists God’s words and bully/abuses people isn’t acting on the word of God but on their human tendencies. For all the people blaming Christianity for “causing” suicides, you’re barking up the wrong tree… You should be looking at the individual people and how everyone is sinful, yes even you and me, it is this internal sin that causes people to behave badly. I, as a Christian, have been commissioned to spread the good word of salvation just as every other Christian has. But no where have I seen or heard that it is right for anyone to abuse another human being for their beliefs, whether we agree with them or not. All the hate that is brewing because of this is counter productive; it serves no real purpose but to create more hate and segregation in the world. I guess the point of this is that I just wish that everyone could have an open mind. That the extremists on both sides can realize that they are taking things out of context and live as they tell others to. Christians, you need to accept everyone and love them. Equal rights fighters; treat The Church as you want to be treated, with equality.

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